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Closing the Gaps

Learning Bridges® is proud to announce the availability of the Culturally Proficient Teaching Certificate from California State University – Bakersfield through four new courses.

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Conceptual Mode: School Profile

Improving Teacher Performance
Using a Job-embedded Approach in Real Time.

Determining What Works:
IMAGINE teachers being able to synthesize State and District Assessment results and then to identify what instructional interventions should be embraced to improve student performance!

Educators analyze their student assessment data to target the areas in need of improvement. From those targeted student performance goals, the most effective, research-based instruction (that will make the MOST difference in achievement) is identified. (Synthesis System)

Teacher Aptitude:
IMAGINE being able to determine a teacher’s capacity to deliver the instructional strategies that will make the most difference on the targeted student performance goals!

Educators can confidentially assess their proficiency, and for the first time, administrators will know the capacity of their teachers to deliver effective instruction to make a difference on the targeted student performance goals. For the first time, they have the information to make data driven decisions on where to target professional development that is aligned to their student’s learning needs. (Strategy Assessment System and NEW Teacher Basic Skills Assessment)

Building the Capacity:
IMAGINE teachers having access to all of the interventions that work and an opportunity to develop their skills simultaneously!

Teachers will know the strategies that make the most difference in learning when teaching to State Standards. They are provided an opportunity to learn how to deliver effective strategies in the classroom, supported by both ONLINE and ONSITE Professional Learning Communities, building capacity in the teaching force to improve academic achievement. Embedded into every class are the modifications for students of color, for students living in poverty, and for English language learners. (Teacher Practices Guide and Professional Development System)

Monitoring for Results:
IMAGINE being able to track the growth and development of educators over time!

Administrators can monitor the changes in proficiency of teachers over time on instructional practice aligned to their student performance goals. They can track teacher learning progress during the learning experience, as well as measure the depth of implementation in the classroom. (Strategy Assessment Composite Reports, Progress Reports, McREL Strategies Survey, McREL Context Variables Survey, Organizational Reports)

Equity and Systemic Change:
IMAGINE a system design that impacts all levels of the organization, provides expert training and coaching support so that the knowledge and skills to maintain the system are embedded into all levels of the organization, and provides access to all members of the organization!

For those who wish face-to-face implementation support, a scaffolding model is utilized to assure that all levels of the organization have the competencies they need to support the changes necessary in instructional practice. Providing training, materials, and coaching to develop a highly skilled Trainer of Trainers Cadre means that States and Districts will own the knowledge and skills needed to guide the capacity building of its teachers to improve academic achievement through research-based instruction…the most powerful predictor of learning that exists! (Implementation Training and Coaching)

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