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Closing the Gaps

Learning Bridges® is proud to announce the availability of the Culturally Proficient Teaching Certificate from California State University – Bakersfield through four new courses.

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Learning Bridges provides training and coaching on how to analyze data from a variety of sources (e.g., State Assessments, Benchmark Assessments, Classroom Assessments, Demographic Data) to determine which STATE STANDARDS are the focus of improvement.
  • The STANDARDS that are targeted for improvement (based on Assessments and Data Analysis) become the STUDENT PERFORMANCE GOALS in the SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLAN.
  • The STUDENT PERFORMANCE GOALS in the SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLAN are entered into the SYNTHESIS SYSTEM to identify the RESEARCH-BASED INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES that will make the most difference in learning for students.

Classroom Assessment and Data Analysis is a Learning Bridges online course which also teachers data analysis.