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Closing the Gaps

Learning Bridges® is proud to announce the availability of the Culturally Proficient Teaching Certificate from California State University – Bakersfield through four new courses.

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RESEARCH SAYS... The highest predictor of student performance is the proficiency of teachers on effective instructional practice. When combined with professional development on effective instructional practice (ES = .98), teachers have the power to override poverty (ES = .76)! Wenglinsky, 2002

MCREL STUDY SAYS... Learning Bridges made significant changes in teacher knowledge and skills. Learning Bridges professional development courses make a difference in pedagogy. Participating schools did experience overall gains in achievement – above and beyond what would have been expected (as illustrated by the comparison group data). McREL, 2008

Learning Bridges System
for Building Systemic Capacity

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To provide for equity and equal access for all teachers, access is provided with a computer and internet access...anytime, anywhere! ALL students benefit from TEACHERS having access to the Learning Bridges® Decision Tools

  • Aligned Instructional Database’s Teacher Practices Guide
  • Synthesis System
  • Strategy Assessment System
  • NEW Teacher Basics Assessment System
  • Professional Development System
  • Parent Activities

ADMINISTRATORS are aided in data-driven decision-making with access to the Learning Bridges® Decision Tools

  • Composite Teacher Proficiency Reports
  • Teacher Progress Reports
  • Organizational Reports
  • Instructional Audit Reports

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