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Closing the Gaps

Learning Bridges® is proud to announce the availability of the Culturally Proficient Teaching Certificate from California State University – Bakersfield through four new courses.

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Teachers that are new to the profession may need support and mentoring on the basics of teaching to be successful. The Professional Knowledge Inventory determines the proficiency of new teachers on 15 strategies needed by teachers to be successful from the beginning.

  1. A Differentiation Model for Teaching Culturally and Economically Diverse Learners
  2. Classroom Assessment and Data Analysis
  3. Classroom Management
  4. Culture and Poverty’s Impact on Academic Achievement
  5. Differentiated Instruction
  6. Diverse Learners
  7. Effective Instructional Strategies
  8. Foundations of Culturally Proficient Teaching
  9. How the Brain Learns
  10. Instructional Planning
  11. Modifying Instructional Strategies to Close the Gap in Achievement
  12. Motivating Students
  13. Special Education, Gifted and Title I - Meeting Special Needs
  14. Teacher Support: The Profession
  15. Using Technology for Teaching and Learning

LEARNING BRIDGES® courses on each of these basics provide an opportunity for ALTERNATIVE LICENSURE AND CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS. (Courses available in the Professional Development System)

The following reports are available from the Professional Knowledge Inventory:

  • Confidential Teacher Report
  • School Composite Report

Confidential Teacher Report

The Confidential Individual Teacher Report is displayed on the screen for the teacher’s review when the test is submitted for scoring. For each basic skill selected, the report will record the teacher’s proficiency level into one of four categories. The categories are Expert, Proficient, Basic and Novice. The report can be printed if desired.

View Sample Report

School Composite Report

The School Composite Report allows the principal to view a composite of the scores and print a report showing the percentage of teachers in each category – Expert, Proficient, Basic or Novice – for each basic skill pre-assessed. This provides data for decision-making on where support is needed for new teachers to increase teacher retention, teacher induction, and alternative licensure. Courses are available in the Online Professional Development System ESPECIALLY designed for new teachers on the basic skills of teaching. Administrators may utilize the NEW Teacher Basic Skills Assessment and Report to monitor proficiency on those basics, over time, by using it as a pre- and post-test option.

View Sample Report

Teacher proficiency data can be aggregated and reported at the

  1. District
  2. Regional
  3. State levels

These reports guide professional development and teacher quality decision-making.

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