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Closing the Gaps

Learning Bridges® is proud to announce the availability of the Culturally Proficient Teaching Certificate from California State University – Bakersfield through four new courses.

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Embedded Modifications

From the most recent research on CLOSING THE GAP IN ACHIEVEMENT by Dr. Belinda Williams, the Urban Learner Framework was developed. Dr. Williams has identified the components that need to be addressed to close the gap in achievement for diverse learners—THE URBAN LEARNER FRAMEWORK.

The Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching has EMBEDDED the components of the Urban Learner Framework into each of the Learning Bridges classes on instruction in the Online Professional Development System. Teachers not only learn the strategies that make the most difference in learning, but also how to modify them for diverse learners (e.g., students of poverty, diverse cultures, and English Language Learners).

The Urban Learner Framework addresses 4 Knowledge Base Themes:

  1. Cultural, Economic & Language Diversity
  2. Resilience
  3. Enhancing Ability Development Through Motivation and Effort
  4. Unrecognized Abilities and Undeveloped Potential

The Urban Learner Framework addresses 4 decision-making functions that impact on urban learners:

  1. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  2. Staff Development
  3. Home, School and Community Environment
  4. Management: Leadership Policies, Politics and Procedures
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