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Closing the Gaps

Learning Bridges® is proud to announce the availability of the Culturally Proficient Teaching Certificate from California State University – Bakersfield through four new courses.

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The Learning Bridges® System consists of:
  1. The Aligned Instructional Database is aligned to State Standards in Language Arts and Math for grades K-12.
  2. A Teaching Practices Guide provides 24/7 access to the instructional strategies that make the most difference in learning for each standard – in rank order of their power to impact learning.
  3. The Synthesis System allows educators to determine the most effective instructional interventions for the state assessments to link assessment results, student performance goals, instructional strategies, and targeted professional development.
  4. The Content Pedagogy Inventory and Reports determine the proficiency of teachers on the research-based strategies aligned to State Standards and Assessment.
  5. The Professional Knowledge Inventory measure the proficiency of teachers on the basics of teaching to support teacher induction, retention, and Alternative Certification Programs.
  6. The Administrative Reports provides aggregated information to monitor changes in teacher capacity over time in support of improvement efforts.
  7. The Professional Development System allows educators to learn the instructional strategies/interventions that impact academic achievement and the basics of instructional practice. Courses are instructor led, performance-based, aligned to State Standards, meet ALL National Staff Development Standards, and ALL NSDC/NICI E-Learning Standards to deliver a high-quality learning experience for teachers.
  8. The Instructional Audits, co-developed by McREL (Mid-continent Research on Education and Learning), examines the depth of application IN THE CLASSROOM.
  9. The Parent Activities Report, provides activities for K – 8 parents that will assist their child’s performance in the classroom in both English and Spanish.