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Closing the Gaps

Learning Bridges® is proud to announce the availability of the Culturally Proficient Teaching Certificate from California State University – Bakersfield through four new courses.

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The Learning Bridges Teacher Support System is a set of tools that will improve student achievement by building capacity in teachers. As information flows from one piece to the next, it influences the way decisions are made and what information is passed on. This creates and endless process that is constantly helping teachers gain new skills that has been proven to increase student achievement in areas they are underperforming.

Analyze Student Performance

This process begins by analyzing student performance. Based on state assessments, we can identify which standards students are not proficient on and which areas teachers need to focus their professional development in an effort to improve student scores.

Identify Instructional Strategies

Second, we determine which instructional strategies will best help the teacher impact the student’s performance.

Assess Teachers Knowledge

Third, we assess the teachers’ knowledge of those instructional strategies. This allows the teacher to focus on the instructional strategies with which they are not yet proficient.

Provide Professional Development

Last, our Professional Development provides teachers an opportunity to learn the instructional strategies with which they have yet to demonstrate proficiency.

This process is incredibly powerful because it creates a feedback loop where the results of student performance are constantly influencing the way their teachers teach.

Instruction Aligned to Standards

Forty years of research supports the premise that three key processes must be aligned to improve academic achievement.

  • Standards
  • Assessment
  • Instruction

Our country has spent billions of dollars on the alignment of the first two components - standards and assessment.

Unfortunately, we all assumed that teachers knew which instructional strategies made the most difference in learning and that teachers knew how to deliver those instructional strategies in the classroom so all their children could succeed.

While standards aligned assessments can tell us which standards students need help on, teachers are still not sure where to focus their professional development efforts.

After years of research, we have aligned instruction to the standards as well. This mean we now have the ability to identify the most effective instructional strategies for the standards students are not proficient on and help teachers acquire the knowledge and skills to deliver those strategies in the classroom.


The Teacher Support System provides many resources for each standard including:

  • Student Scores
  • Benchmarks
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Lesson Plans
  • Parent Activites

Student Scores

Being able to see student scores by standard helps teachers and administrators know at a glance which areas they should be focusing their time on.

For standards with scores falling below the acceptable level, teachers can access a list of the most effective Research Based Instructional Strategies as well as Lesson Plans and Parent Activities.

Teachers can then use these additional resources to help better prepare themselves to teach that standard in the classroom.


Each individual benchmark belonging to the standard is listed here.

Teaching Strategies

We spent years identifying instructional strategies, aligning them to standards and ranking them by their effectiveness. Specifically, strategies were:

  • identified based on a review of 32,000+ research studies
  • aligned to the standards based on 2 critical criteria
    • The type of knowledge represented in the standards (e.g., declarative, procedural, both)
    • The type of brain processing required for learning the standard (e.g., information processing, storage/retrieval, etc.)
  • ranked based on the Effect Size data from the research
This makes it possible to provide instruction that has been proven to increase student achievement. Each instructional strategy will make at least a 20 percentile point gain in achievement!


Through a series of scenario based questions, Learning Bridges is able to determine if teachers need to obtain additional knowledge and skills with specific strategies. Results are reported confidentially to teachers indicating their proficiency level on each strategy (Novice, Basic, Proficient, Expert). Based on this information, teachers are then able to focus their professional development on the strategies they need to most help with.

Professional Development

All courses have the same design/layout to allow teachers familiarity with navigation, tools and support. They are led by educators who have “walked the walk” with expertise and experience with the content they teach. Embedded videos in every course provide an opportunity for teacher to see skilled teachers in action in real classrooms.

Accredited by California State University – Bakersfield. All courses receive 3 or 4 quarter graduate credits (optional) as well as Proficiency Certificates. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are provided to teachers who successfully demonstrate proficiency with the strategy and choose not to take it for credit.

According to research done by McREL (Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning) Dr. Sheila Arens & Susan Shebby:

  • Learning Bridges is the only professional development aligned to State Standards and Assessments
  • Learning Bridges makes a difference in teacher knowledge and skills
  • Learning Bridges makes a difference in teacher pedagogy – they use it in the classroom
  • McREL identified significant, positive relationships between Learning Bridges coursework and student achievement in both reading and mathematics

Learn more about our Professional Development System

Lesson Plans

Teachers needing ideas on how to teach a lesson to a standard have access to thousands of high quality lesson plans. They are available for grades K-12. The lesson plans as well as activities, worksheets, etc. can all be downloaded and used in the classroom immediately.

Parent Activities

How can we engage parents in helping their children succeed? Parents want to help, but they are not always sure how to help. Teachers can provide parent activities so that parents can support classroom instruction from home. Available in English and in Spanish to be as inclusive as possible. Parent involvement in their child’s learning makes a significant difference in learning.


District and School administrators have access to administrative reports on teacher progress and distribution and usage of prepaid courses.

The Assessment Report can be used to assess your teachers’ level of proficiency on each Instructional Strategy for which they assessed. These levels are: Expert, Proficient, Basic and Novice.

District Administrators are able to view reports for the district as well as each school within their district. School Administrators are only able to view reports for their own school.

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