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Closing the Gaps

Learning Bridges® is proud to announce the availability of the Culturally Proficient Teaching Certificate from California State University – Bakersfield through four new courses.

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The Teacher Practices Guide (drawn from the Learning Bridges® Aligned Instructional Database for each State) allows educators to access 25 research-based instructional strategiesin rank order of their power to impact learning - for EACH State Standard.

Teachers also have access to the standards vocabulary for each content standard.

The following information on each research-based instructional strategy is provided and printable:

  1. Rank
  2. Impact on Learning
  3. Definition/description of the instructional strategy
  4. What the instructional strategy will enable students to do
  5. The role of the teacher
  6. The connections to brain research and multiple intelligences
  7. The connections to the brain processing required and instructional framework

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